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H E A V E N Am Freitag 15.05.2015























H E A V E N is a new monthly party at the the crossroads of Heaven and Hell, Space and Earth, Athens and Berlin.

We chose the SilverWings Club to host this first event in homage to the great

Johnny Cash one of the forefathers of punk who once played the venue.

Doors open at 22h00.

Free champagne for the first 50 souls to show up!

Entrance fee: 7€

฿itcoin accepted. ✓




Born out of a Montreal basement in 2013, Johnny Couteau is the stage name of multidisciplinary creative mastermind Kaspar’89, also making music videos for artists such as Marie Davidson and Low Factor.
Influenced by the aesthetics and dynamics of synth pop and post-punk, as inventor and first ambassador of the Gamma Wave, Johnny Couteau describes the musical term as “…born out of a constant metaphysical battle and the necessity to find a sens of unity…close to the idea of Art Total, through Gamma Wave the protagonist not only strives to find this sens of unity between aesthetics, but mainly within the self, in a day and age where the world is falling apart outwardly.” Solo or accompanied by musicians, ( synths, saxophone, bass, bongos,) Johnny Couteau is pushing forward the idea that crowds should not only be entertained but engaged with, and brought in the experience, to “Enter Gamma Waves Now” as the neon sign spells it on stage, thus often resulting in powerful theatrical and cathartic performances.


► LOW FACTOR (Post-punk • MTL)

Low Factor formed in Montréal when sole member, Rubin was 17 years old. However, she took a break from her solo work when her band Spastic Joy began. Spastic Joy had one release entitled “God’s Lover”. All told, the project lasted two years, and so Low Factor came back in force during the winter of 2012.
In only two weeks Rubin wrote and produced LF’s first album, entitled “Seizures on a Battleground”, a project which she aptly describes as novice and urgent. She later self-released it along with two videos, “Avalanche Rain” and “I’ll Turn Ego” that she co-created with Kaspar’89.
Now 23, Low Factor is finishing her second album “Leçons du tonnerre: Comment créer un orage (Lessons of Thunder: How to create a storm)”. She describes her voice as “execrable,” and prefers it treated with chorus and delay. Rubin sites “the spleen” and “lassitude” as her inspirations.


► Petra Flurr (Elektropunk • BLN)

Petra Flurr was born in 2003 and began developing his unique style Elektro Punk participating in performances and playing in the most select clubs of the Madrid Underground Scene.
In 2006 he start to word with Seven star and together they buil up the Artmostfear records.
What would be the debut album of Petra Flurr “Deutsche Volkzlieder”.
The album was presented with performances all over Spain and many clubs in Berlin.
During 2007 as a former and lead singer of the band “Krakovia” (Subterfuge records) with The album “Road Movie” comes out in the 2008 with wonderful reviews and a tour that lasted almost two years all over Spain.
In the same year comes to light his second solo album“Vix Visage” recorded in Madrid Studio in Warsaw Was Raw Studio ” with Paul drake and Sevenstar.
With this album he got more recognition international scenarios through Poland, Germany,France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Spain and England.
In 2009 reinstalated in his home town Berlin, and continues his career as a DJ playing in mythical underground clubs.
His music selection is composed and decomposed of Wave songs, Punk attitude and Cockwhore Crackpunk.
During 2010 he published “Petra Flurr Puffmutter” under the Polish label Saturator.
Petra’s music IS a mixture of German Wave Punk and Elektro. His stage presence is accompanied by visual thunder .
Petra flurr summarized in his person, his music, art and the performace of the night a pure Symbol of Decadance ,Transgenic and Porn. His alter ego is a mix of Punk Trashaesthetic, Fetish and Provocative attitude.




Having grown up in West Berlin with a Polish background, Jemek now works as a One-ManBand,

DJ and Conceptual artist who has toured most of Europe. Still influenced by the creative
input of non-hip West Berlin, his eastern extravagance guarantees a thrill of ecstasy and long
nights. His ragged beats are produced with the legendary Groovebox MC-303, and with R’n’R,
Acid House and EBM, add up to an explosive mix of Electrosound. The music and lyrics are drawn
by a love-hate relationship to his Polish roots that he refers to as »Postpatriotic«. After his first
release »Wave and Groom« his debut album »Zemsta« (Polish for »Vengeance«) was released in
2011 by the Fabrika Records (Greece). In Mai 2013 the polish label »Oficyna Biedota« presents
Jemek Jemowits EP »Tekkno Polo«. The new project combines the vibes of Berlins underground
with styles of the polish controversial »Disco Polo« movement from the early 90s. In May 2013
the polish label »Oficyna Biedota« presents Jemek Jemowits EP »Tekkno Polo«. The new project
combines the vibes of Berlins underground with styles of the polish controversial »Disco Polo«
movement from the early 90s.

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