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Samstag 05 November : Living the InterNations spirit!









Berliners, I am very excited to introduce you to one of the most thrilling location chosen for the first Official Event of November: Silver Wings, the oldest club in Berlin!!

Located inside the airport building Tempelhof, the club has an unbeatable charm due to its history: after the Second World War the American Air Force used the airport as a military base, during the Cold War it was officially known as “NCO Club SilverWings”, hosted Rock, soul and country musicians (including Johnny Cash himself!) and served cheeseburgers with french fries. Today it’s one of the coolest places in Berlin: a must-see, must-go, must-live!!

Aren’t you curious to experience its unique atmosphere along with other Berlin expats? I’m sure you won’t miss this opportunity to get together for another nice evening together: let’s gather at the main room on the first floor, where you’ll be served a free welcome drink, and, later, there will be a DJ playing the best tunes of all times!!

If you come by car, you can park inside the parking place and buy a 2 Euros exit card (parking ticket) at the club register.

*ATTENTION: The guest list will close for administrative purposes 2 hours before the event starts, but you can join and sign up on site: we will be waiting for you! Make sure to arrive before 23:00, when our welcome desk (Abendkasse) will be closed. After closing our welcome desk, we will not be able to ensure the InterNations benefits anymore.* If you are new in town or new to InterNations, don’t hesitate to come alone, just inform us upon registration.

DRESSCODE: free style, just keep in mind that if everybody makes an effort we will all enjoy this special evening more!

Barry Baruch
InterNations Ambassador Berlin

Living the InterNations spirit – Nobody stands alone!

InterNations is constantly growing and for many guests, this will be their first event. Please be welcoming and introduce them to your friends. Live the spirit of connecting global minds to ensure that every member has a lovely time. Thanks!

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